Support Your Troops

PDM needs your support. As you know, we are an entirely volunteer organization. To continue our grassroots efforts, we ask our members to contribute $50 a year (or more or less as your circumstances permit). To make a contribution, go to this link
We also invite you to join as a Sustaining Member: our most active members, who take a leading role in the selection process for issues and candidates vying for PDM’s endorsement.
We ask three things of Sustaining Members:

  • Monthly automatic donations (we recommend $10, hence, $120 annually)
  • Active participation in at least one PDM activity or campaign each year and
  • Recruitment of at least one new member each year.
To sign up as a sustaining member, go to this link.

We are progressive organizers and activists dedicated to advancing local and statewide progressive issues, candidates, and trainings that promote social justice, political reform, and progressive values throughout the Commonwealth.

In 2016-2017, PDM members applied their skills and training to help elect three new exciting progressives to the House of Representatives
                Mike Connolly 26th Middlesex (Cambridge)         
                Natalie Higgins  4th Worcester (Leominster)
                Jack Patrick Lewis 7th Middlesex (Ashland)
and members helped win re-election for five progressive legislators
                Rep. Mike Day 31st Middlesex (Stoneham)
                Rep. Ken Gordon 21st Middlesex (Bedford)         
                Sen. Pat Jehlen Middlesex (Somerville)
                Sen. Eric Lesser 1st Hamden and Hampshire (Longmeadow)
                Sen. Barbara L’italien 2nd  Essex and Middlesex  (Andover).
We successfully worked with the Coalition to Save Our Public Schools to defeat Ballot Question 2--which would have raised the cap on charter schools and diverted hundreds of millions of dollars from funding our  public schools for all Massachusetts children.
While we celebrated our successes at the state level, we responded to the disastrous national election by organizing regional planning meetings in Brookline, Lexington, Lowell, Reading, the Springfield area and Worcester county to identify  constructive steps to take together to defend our values and advance our priorities within the Commonwealth.  From these planning meetings several new* issues working groups emerged to address immediate concerns resulting from the November election. With your involvement, we can make a real difference on these critical issues. The full list of working groups through which members work for progress includes

      Campaign Finance                                          Criminal Justice Reform*
      Education Reform                                            Energy and the Environment
      Fair Share Tax Amendment                              Health Care*
      Issues of Concern to Women*                          Press Freedom*
      Protection of the Most Vulnerable*                   Workers’ Rights      
Our well-attended April 22 issues forum in Millbury featured expert training in relational organizing and grassroots techniques presented by Margaret Post , veteran trainer and organizer, serious networking with nine groups advocating progressive action, followed by  a panel  on the challenges of protecting immigrant communities and other vulnerable populations.
PDM’s commitment to progressive values means that our sustaining members consider candidates for endorsement and work to get them elected. We have already begun the process of talking with candidates for the Democratic gubernatorial primary. We are currently the only statewide group with an endorsement process for candidates for the Governor’s Council.
We spend your money prudently where it matters: 
  • Organizing issues forums and training sessions
  • Printing and copying to disseminate our issue flyers and brochures
  • Exhibiting at the Democratic State Convention and hosting post-convention gatherings for networking among activists
  • Supporting coalitions, including Mass Alliance, with whom we actively collaborate
Please support this important work with a contribution today. We need your support! 

The PDM Leadership Team:
Peter Enrich, Chair, Lexington
Cathleen Cavell, Brookline
Jeanne Krieger, Lexington
John Lippitt, Reading
Harry Margolis, Brookline
Mary Ann Stewart, Lexington 
Corinne Wingard, Agawam


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