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Baker overview 3-9-18 final PDF.pdfJohn Lippitt124.13KbMar 12th, 2018
Baker Dossier 3-3-18 final PDF.pdfJohn Lippitt204.5KbMar 9th, 2018
2018 Endorsement Task Force Report.docxJohn Lippitt15.28KbMar 6th, 2018
Report of Task Force on PDM Organization and Structure final 3-2.docxJohn Lippitt19.28KbMar 2nd, 2018
Report of Task Force on PDM Organization and Structure final.1.docxJohn Lippitt20.14KbMar 2nd, 2018
Baker Dossier 2-5-18.docxJohn Lippitt61.88KbFeb 5th, 2018
Baker Dossier 1-28-18.docxJohn Lippitt56.1KbJan 28th, 2018
Baker Dossier 1-24-18.docxJohn Lippitt32.79KbJan 24th, 2018
Baker Dossier 1-23-18 PDF.pdfJohn Lippitt260.73KbJan 23rd, 2018
Baker Dossier 1-23-18.docxJohn Lippitt31.35KbJan 23rd, 2018
Baker Dossier 1-23-18 PDF.pdfJohn Lippitt260.73KbJan 23rd, 2018
FreqAskedQuest.Ma.MFA.pg1.jpgMember 1f9da03124.81KbOct 8th, 2017
FreqAskedQuest.Ma.MFA.pg1.jpgMember 1f9da03124.81KbOct 8th, 2017
FreqAskedQuesMFA.Ma.jpgMember 1f9da03108.96KbOct 8th, 2017
FreqAskedQuesMFA.Ma.jpgMember 1f9da03108.96KbOct 8th, 2017
FreqAskedQuest.Ma.MFA.pg1.jpgMember 1f9da03124.81KbOct 8th, 2017
Solar Access 1-Pager 1-3.docx.pdfMary Ann Stewart208.55KbSep 29th, 2017
2017 MPF One-Pager Solar-1.docx.pdfMary Ann Stewart106.88KbSep 29th, 2017
PDM2017brochure_FINAL.pdfMary Ann Stewart282.62KbSep 4th, 2017
2017 RUM Signature Trainings.pptxMary Ann Stewart8.35MbAug 16th, 2017
2017 RUM FAQ Regional Training.pdfMary Ann Stewart219.62KbAug 16th, 2017
Campaign finance handout 5-29-17.docxJohn Lippitt32.22KbJun 2nd, 2017
Campaign finance handout 4-19-17.docxJohn Lippitt30.66KbMay 16th, 2017
The PDM_CJR One Pager.docxMary Ann Stewart40.68KbApr 24th, 2017
ProtectionOne-pager.pdfMary Ann Stewart85.13KbApr 24th, 2017
S1305_PDFSafeCommunities.pdfMary Ann Stewart149.89KbApr 21st, 2017
Northampton-Mayors-Trust-Act-Exec.-Policy-Order-140828.pdfMary Ann Stewart298.28KbApr 21st, 2017
NorthAdams_SafeInclusiveResolution_170214.pdfMary Ann Stewart233.76KbApr 21st, 2017
MedfordInclusionResolution_161129.pdfMary Ann Stewart234.35KbApr 21st, 2017
LexiingtonInclusionProclamation_170227.pdfMary Ann Stewart621.57KbApr 21st, 2017
H3269_PDFSafeCommunities.pdfMary Ann Stewart153.38KbApr 21st, 2017
Boston_SanctuaryCity_Legislation_140627.pdfMary Ann Stewart200.58KbApr 21st, 2017
ARLSANCTUARYTOWN-DRAFT.pdfMary Ann Stewart38KbApr 21st, 2017
PDMpublicedWGfinal.pdfMary Ann Stewart242.71KbApr 18th, 2017
fake news flyer final 5_17 (1).pdfMary Ann Stewart388.58KbApr 18th, 2017
Camp Fin Bills 2017 4-15-17.docxJohn Lippitt25.09KbApr 15th, 2017
NewOnepagerPDMbannerFINAL.docxMary Ann Stewart31.26KbApr 14th, 2017
Bill Summary.docxMary Ann Stewart26.25KbApr 14th, 2017
Fake news flyer final 5-3-17.pdfJohn Lippitt388.58KbApr 11th, 2017
Camp Fin Bills 2017 4-10-17.docxJohn Lippitt24.96KbApr 10th, 2017
Camp Fin Bills 2017 4-10-17.docxJohn Lippitt24.96KbApr 10th, 2017
Eversource_Rate_Case_Talking points and Hearing Schedule.pdfMary Ann Stewart300.47KbMar 30th, 2017
Acadia Center Review of Eversource MA Rate Case Proposals - DPU 17-05-1.pdfMary Ann Stewart76.18KbMar 30th, 2017
FBRC Bill Handout.pdfMary Ann Stewart545.08KbMar 22nd, 2017
Auto Voter Registration Fact Sheet 2017.pdfMary Ann Stewart677.75KbMar 16th, 2017
AVR bill short summary.docxMary Ann Stewart23.59KbMar 16th, 2017
Issues of focus by the Criminal Justice Reform Working Group.docxMary Ann Stewart13.69KbMar 16th, 2017
2. FBRC Final Report Highlights.pdfMary Ann Stewart288.08KbMar 14th, 2017
unnamed.jpgMary Ann Stewart76.38KbMar 13th, 2017
HollabackInfo.docxMary Ann Stewart12.68KbMar 2nd, 2017
BOS_Approved_Proclamation.pdfMary Ann Stewart621.57KbMar 2nd, 2017
NewPDMlogo.pngMary Ann Stewart35.86KbFeb 17th, 2017
New PDM brochure_July2016.pdfMary Ann Stewart337.54KbFeb 16th, 2017
CJR_Bills.docxMary Ann Stewart494.87KbFeb 16th, 2017
Criminal Justice Reform.docxMary Ann Stewart11.79KbFeb 8th, 2017
4- Financing and Permitting of Pipe Lines.pdfMary Ann Stewart119.38KbJan 30th, 2017
3-CleanEnergyBill by Topic-1.pdfMary Ann Stewart549.9KbJan 30th, 2017
2-CarbonPricing bills-1.pdfMary Ann Stewart67.12KbJan 30th, 2017
1-MPFLegislativePrioritiesfor2017-2018-1.pdfMary Ann Stewart350.39KbJan 30th, 2017
RUM-Paid-Leave-Fact-Sheet.pdfMary Ann Stewart364.62KbJan 30th, 2017
RUM-15-Minimum-Wage-Fact-Sheet.pdfMary Ann Stewart280.1KbJan 30th, 2017
Post-electionLexsummary12-5-16.pdfMary Ann Stewart67.3KbDec 21st, 2016
PDMGovernorsCouncilCandidateQuestionnaireResponsesCandidateWebsitesandSocialMedia.pdfMary Ann Stewart190.47KbJul 26th, 2016
EnergyEnvironmentActionAlertCallyourSenator (2).pdfMary Ann Stewart36.07KbJun 27th, 2016
2016 Convention_Energizer one-pager_FINAL.pdfMary Ann Stewart72KbJun 7th, 2016
Campaign Finance 2016 Convention Handout-FINAL.pdfMary Ann Stewart38.52KbJun 3rd, 2016
Education Handout for 2016 Convention.pdfMary Ann Stewart34.67KbJun 3rd, 2016
Educationagenda2016final.pdfMary Ann Stewart76.96KbMay 3rd, 2016
Protecting Ratepayers and our Environment Sign On Request.pdfMember 1f377ce124.11KbApr 3rd, 2016
Campus Map (Central to Rosen)-2.pdfMember 1f377ce355.63KbMar 17th, 2016
Audit Report - The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Oversight of Charter Schools.pdfMary Ann Stewart735.27KbFeb 2nd, 2016
2015 PDM FairShare_OnePager_FINAL.docxMary Ann Stewart552.37KbSep 7th, 2015
Fair Share Annotated One Pager.docxMary Ann Stewart141.7KbSep 7th, 2015
Fair Share FAQs.docxMary Ann Stewart275.09KbSep 7th, 2015
Raise Up Fair Share Description-1.docxMember 18aa9bc99.62KbMay 5th, 2015
Script-net metering draft.docxMary Ann Stewart12.35KbMay 5th, 2015
MassSolar Net Metering Briefing, April 2015_0.pdfMary Ann Stewart710KbMay 5th, 2015
SD 1770-H 2852 summary, April 2015.pdfMary Ann Stewart766.36KbMay 5th, 2015
TaxFairnessReport.pdfMary Ann Stewart567.88KbApr 21st, 2015
Progressive Tax Presentation 4 11 15.pdfMary Ann Stewart3.69MbApr 21st, 2015
PDM-Finfer-excerpts-One to Ones 3-15.docxMary Ann Stewart27.3KbApr 21st, 2015
Legislative process.pptxJohn Lippitt96.57KbApr 20th, 2015
Flyer for April 11, 2015.docxMary Ann Stewart114.16KbMar 31st, 2015
Public financing PDM Campaign Finance - Final.docxJohn Lippitt20.25KbMar 3rd, 2015
Public financing PDM Campaign Finance - Final draft.docxJohn Lippitt21.21KbMar 1st, 2015
Recommendation on overturning Citizens United 2-26-15.docxJohn Lippitt22.25KbFeb 26th, 2015
WTPA draft - Dec. 7, 2014.docxMargaret Heitz15.21KbFeb 11th, 2015
WTPA Fact Sheet draft 12-5-14.docMargaret Heitz33KbFeb 11th, 2015
WTPA_Press_Release_Final_rev2.docMargaret Heitz141.5KbFeb 11th, 2015
WTPA_Press_Release_Final_rev2.docMargaret Heitz141.5KbFeb 11th, 2015
Camp fin WG 1-27-15 brief notes.docxJohn Lippitt19.44KbFeb 8th, 2015
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 12.17.10 PM.pngMary Ann Stewart167.21KbFeb 6th, 2015
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 12.20.55 PM.pngMary Ann Stewart966.77KbFeb 6th, 2015
Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 12.17.10 PM.pngMary Ann Stewart167.21KbFeb 6th, 2015
Lippitt blog Overturn Citizens United final.docxJohn Lippitt29.24KbJan 28th, 2015
Camp fin WG 1-19-15 call notes.docxJohn Lippitt20.09KbJan 28th, 2015
2014 Ballot Questions Flyer_FINAL.docMember 18aa9bc68KbOct 12th, 2014
Mass Alliance invite 9 14.pdfMember 18aa9bc163.92KbSep 28th, 2014
groupspaces-telephone link.pngMike Combs20.82KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-create news item.pngMike Combs95.06KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-website pages.pngMike Combs160.86KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-edit website.pngMike Combs46.21KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-manage group menu.pngMike Combs65.7KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-groups I manage.pngMike Combs24.14KbAug 18th, 2014
groupspaces-logged in.pngMike Combs18.41KbAug 18th, 2014
donkey face 1000x1000.jpgMike Combs60.27KbAug 10th, 2014
conroy.jpgMike Combs9.68KbAug 5th, 2014
healey.jpegMike Combs9.79KbAug 5th, 2014
berwick.jpgMike Combs8.88KbAug 5th, 2014
Governor.Briefing.2014.pdf437.97KbApr 19th, 2014
Notes Conference Call 3.23.2014.docx16.11KbMar 25th, 2014

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